“Do one thing every day that scares you!”


I’m an experienced UX Researcher, helping people all over the world to leave their comfort zones by studying their motivations and emotions. I’m a professional at being curious and passionate about new people and new experiences. That’s one of the many reasons why I invest every cent in traveling and learning new things. I challenge myself every day to do at least one simple thing that would usually scare me. For me, UX Research is more than a job - It’s an attitude and even a lifestyle. It enables me to connect with people from different cultures, live in their realities for shorter periods of time and learn in the most natural way. It’s more than simply collecting insights. It’s about discovering what keeps mankind together at the core. With all these massive insights & reflections, I felt it’s time to spread the word. So, I’ve created this journal to share my journey with you. I know most people don’t have the chance to make all these experiences. That’s why I believe it’s even more important to make that knowledge accessible. Empathy should be a habit, and I would love to make this a reality for everyone by sharing my insights with you.

Are you an open-minded badass like me?